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Don’t Let The Night Hide One Of Your Biggest Investments! Let us transform your property with world-class landscape lighting made to last a lifetime!

Valley Lighting Group is a professional residential & commercial landscape lighting installation company serving Dayton, Oh and the sorrounding areas. Our outdoor lighting professionals have been lighting home & businesses across the Ohio valley since 1999. Our clients come to us for a professional, Hassle-Free lighting experience, and enjoy brilliant results that provide their property brilliance and additional safety and security year-round.

Valley Lighting Group's design professionals provide you with a beautiful residential lighting design, an efficient installation process, and Complete System Maintenance.

Our superior training, Unique Installation Methods, & Proprietary Premium Lighting Products, allow us to handle any lighting project, Commercial or Residential, with the greatest of ease. We bring Life to your outdoor living areas with Light!


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Residential Landscape Lighting

Most of the work we’ve done is residential landscape lighting. A residential lighting system is designed to meet the needs of the homeowner—but there are many other ‘hidden’ benefits that reveal themselves during the process. Most clients want to beautify their property—homeowners make significant investments in their landscaping and patio areas, and want to extend the enjoyment these investments offer into the night. In addition, the lighted areas offer extended utility of the property, giving the client the option of using—for example—a patio area after dark. As an added benefit, Patriot Illuminations lighting systems offer added safety and security for the residence.

Commercial Lighting Installation

Business owners/managers are always looking for an ‘edge’ against competitors. The primary motives for lighting a commercial property are to attract attention, to create a comfortable atmosphere, and to enhance the ‘majesty’ of the commercial property.

For retail and restaurants, you want to create an atmosphere where people will stay longer, and spend more money. For businesses closed by nightfall, you want to capture the opportunity for after-hours shoppers to see what they want to see (auto dealerships, for example). All our fixtures and transformers offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY and are built to withstand the elements and foot traffic!

LED Conversions

We want your property to look great all season long and we go to great lengths to LED technology has revolutionized the architectural and landscape lighting industry. Much development has been done to allow LED bulbs to closely resemble the ‘look’ of traditional incandescent bulbs while offering the advantages of lower energy consumption and smaller transformer loads—which extends the flexibility of how a system can be installed.

Many clients who have traditional incandescent systems call Patriot Illuminations for an LED conversion—where we come to your property and retrofit your system with LED bulbs. This lowers your electric consumption and gives you the ability to add on to your system without a huge infrastructure expense. Patriot Illuminations offers a 7-year warranty on our LED bulbs - Which can be upgraded to a 10 YEAR warranty with our Annual SIPP Maintenance Plans.

Existing Light Systems

Do you have a system that has been installed for a while? Did you recently purchase a property that has a dated or ‘poorly-maintained’ system? Do you have an existing lighting system that needs additions? Patriot Illuminations can help. In addition to LED conversions, We can conduct a complete audit on existing systems and assess the need for added viewing areas, accommodations for changes in your landscape/property, and infrastructure upgrades.

Light System Performance Plans

We value long-term relationships with all our clients. We recognize that no matter how well-built our product line is, periodic maintenance is needed to ensure flawless performance of any system. Vegetation can grow and cover fixtures; Lenses need to be cleaned regularly; Bulbs—at some point—will need to be changed. That’s why Patriot Illuminations offers System Integrity and Performance Plans (SIPP) to ensure that your lighting system operates properly and your property looks like the day it was installed.