Permanent LED Lights Residential and Commercial

Custom Lighting You Control Anytime from Anywhere

In 2010, Inception Lighting’s founder stood atop a ladder 20 feet off the ground hanging his Christmas lights, a risky undertaking that many homeowners perform every holiday season.

“I was losing my balancing and thinking,
‘Gosh there has to be a better way”

Unable to find a real solution for permanent Christmas lights, he became inspired to explore a solution. He saw how LED lighting was starting to revolutionize the lighting market. He realized the possibilities of LED lighting applications that use color-changing technology, which homeowners could control.

He created Inception Lighting, a permanently installed, architectural LED lighting system that provides discreet forward-facing and color-changing linear lighting whose customers include homeowners, businesses and municipalities.

Today, Inception Lighting is continuing to innovate products and services around the idea of using architectural color-changing lighting to communicate. Inception Lighting invites you to “Experience Color Changing.”

Energize your customers and improve your bottom line

Our bright and bold lights can communicate your brand and promotions, enticing customers and creating a buzz. Make the switch to our efficient LED lighting solution and you also save money through reduced energy usage and little-to-no maintenance.

Make Money, Save Money

p{Our cost-effective lighting system eliminates recurring maintenance expenses and high electricity bills, while it also serves as a way to promote your company. Running a one-day sale? Set your lights to flash green. Hosting a gala event? Soften the setting with pastel hues. Your business can benefit from Inception Lighting in the following ways:}
  • Attract customers who are drawn to the display of colors that matches your brand or communicates a business promotion
  • Lower your carbon footprint by running a sustainable operation with an environmentally-friendly product
  • Eliminate the risks of frequently accessing the roof to replace and maintain lights year-round

Inception Lighting will help you attract more business while also helping you realize savings through substantially lower energy consumption and less maintenance while protecting the environment at the same time.


  • The exterior LED lights will improve night visibility, making employees and customers feel safe and comfortable.
  • The system’s calendar scheduling capability allows you to program 12 months of colors and light sequences to celebrate events and holidays.
  • Multiple systems can be controlled through a single device and synchronized through a real-time clock so programs run seamlessly.
  • Your carbon footprint will be lowered because our product consumes 90 percent less electricity than traditional string lights.
  • The long life of the product reduces the impact on landfills.
  • In 2016, we will offer the ability to integrate our product into automation and security systems. By linking our product with your security system, as a color-code is implemented, our product can be used to communicate the type of emergency to the police, fire and the surrounding public.





Light the way to a sustainable, effecient city

Revitalize your city with brilliant exterior lighting while establishing your commitment to green initiatives that will ultimately save money.


A city can reduce its energy consumption and operating costs with an Inception Lighting solution. A municipality can realize the following savings:

  • Typical savings of around ,000 that can then be used for other important city initiatives.
  • The lifespan of up to 20 years with a one-time installation substantially reduces maintenance costs and employee liability risks.
  • Uses up to 10 times less electricity than standard string lights


The architectural accent lighting gives the appearance of decorative molding during the day and fits seamlessly into a building’s façade. The unique product design covers the bulbs so they won’t detract from the aesthetics of the buildings. The result is lighting that is visually appealing while enlivening a city and helping citizens feel safe.

  • You can foster pride in the community by making outdoor spaces vibrant and brightening those spots that are meaningful to citizens.
  • Residents and visitors will feel safer as they enjoy the illumination of buildings and other outdoor spaces around the city.
  • The lighting improvements will energize your city to encourage citizens and visitors to explore and engage.
  • We offer integration for our product into automation and security systems. By linking our product with security systems, as a color-code is implemented, our product can be used to communicate the specific type of emergency to police, fire and the surrounding public. Technology especially important for the hearing impaired.
Inception Lighting: Whatever the season, whatever the reason

You can choose and customize your colors to communicate any occasion that is important to you – for any reason at any time of the year!


You can help lower your electricity bill and better the environment by reducing your carbon footprint through substantially less energy usage.

  • LED lights last up to 50,000 hours
  • Low-voltage lights use 12% of the energy required by standard string lights
  • The average product payback is about 2 years
  • Uses 60 watts of electricity for 200 feet of light, equivalent to 1 typical incandescent light bulb


Inception Lighting is the perfect permanent Christmas light system – it reduces energy, requires little-to-no maintenance, matches your trim during the day, and can be used for any holiday or other celebration because of the many color and sequence choices.

  • Aesthetically pleasing - Our product blends seamlessly into existing architecture and replaces temporary holiday light strings with permanent, cost saving LED lights.
  • Color changing - Choose from 33 pre-programmed colors and scenes with brightness and speed control.
  • Wireless control - Use our wireless line-of-sight remote for effortless control.
  • Save on maintenance - Never hand holiday lights again. No more ladders or risky roof access to hang and remove lights!
  • Our Inception Lighting Installers in New Jersey Friends are busy on the east coast installing this revolutionary cost saving system for your home.

PROTECT your System with an industry Leading System Integrity & Performance Plan (SIPP)

10 Year Limited Product

5 Year Transformer

5 Year LED Light Strip

10 Year Wire Connector/Jumper

5 Year Light Controller