Outdoor Lighting Installation In Tipp City Ohio

Just North of Dayton Ohio, Tipp City hosts a thriving community of excellent schools, and extensive parks and recreational facilities. Preserving its small-town look and feel while cultivating its growing commercial sector, Tipp City is home to numerous historic residential and commercial buildings, surrounded by beautiful outdoor landscape. Valley Lighting Group is proud to provide this community's homes and commercial businesses with the many benefits of outdoor lighting installation in Tipp City.


Commercial Business Permanent Lighting

590a3377420ed738551792.jpg Small American towns like Tipp City are rejuvenated and having year-round LED lights installed. Outlining the roofline of the unique historic buildings can bring life into the night. From dark and foreboding to lit and joyous permanent LED lighting from Valley Lighting Group modernizes Main St. and brings comfort, attracting customers and window shoppers to the lit-up street, at night.

Residential Outdoor Lighting Installation

5911d9062c3f1238953589.jpg Valley Lighting is a full-service professional lighting installation company. Whether your Tipp City home needs landscape lighting, year-round permanent lighting, or temporary installation of holiday lights, we'll help you achieve the best outdoor illumination through our range of services:

Landscape Lighting

Patriot Illuminations' premium outdoor lighting systems

  • Enrich your architecture & landscaping
  • Boost safety & security
  • Enhance curb appeal
  • Give your outdoor areas a resort feel

Holiday & Event Decor Lighting

Christmas Decor's professional holiday & event decorators

  • Holiday Lights Design Consultation
  • Complete Lighting Installation
  • Proactive In-Season Service
  • Timely Post-Season Lights Take-Down & Storage

Permanent Color Change LED Lighting

Inception Lighting's permanent lighting system

  • You control the color, anytime, from anywhere
  • Attract customers to your commercial business
  • Communicate a business promotion
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Eliminate frequent maintenance liability
  • Celebrate Your Favorite Teams



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