Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation For Phoenix Arizona

The word Nightscaping is a trending buzzword we've seen popping up around the landscaping and outdoor lighting industry, as well as with homeowners. Its deliberate design and placement of outdoor accent lighting illuminates and transforms your landscape's architecture, pathways, plants, and decor for the perfect nighttime look and atmosphere. This outdoor lighting design and installation from Valley Lighting Group is perfect for Phoenix's beautiful outdoor venues and scenic land, extending its light and life into the night.

Phoenix outdoor lighting installation

Benefits of Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

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Spas, resorts, top notch-golf courses... Phoenix is brimming with high-end outdoor landscape and establishments. Coupled with year-round sun and warmth, hosting outdoor functions is perfect in the Valley of the Sun. But what about after the sun goes down?


Valley Lighting Group's outdoor landscape lighting systems bring a host of benefits to residential and commercial properties, alike:

  • Set the perfect ambiance
  • Boost safety & security
  • Extend the use of your property
  • Increased real estate value
  • Energy efficiency of LED light
  • Extend your guests' stay
  • Attract new people to your storefront

Inception Lighting - The Permanent Architectural Lighting Solution

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Valley Lighting's permanent architectural lighting doubles as Christmas lights during the holidays, with the advantage of being festive, year-round. Virtually invisible during the day, Inception Lighting's color-changing LED's light up your building at night. From Downtown Phoenix to Roosevelt Row, create a warm, welcoming radiance with a complementing glow that lines the top of your building's architecture.

  • Program and control your illumination anywhere from your mobile device
  • Exude that resort feel
  • Improve nighttime visibility
  • Matches the trim of your home
  • Eliminate maintenance needs
  • Run promotions
  • Save on energy costs


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