Is Now the Right Time to Plan Your Holiday Decor?

Entering the final months of the year people start thinking of the approaching holidays, but is now too early to plan your holiday decor? We'd like to answer that with yet another question: Why wait?

Early Installation and Scheduling of Holiday Decor

Simply put, the pros outweigh the cons when installing your Christmas decorations earlier in the year. Think October is too early? Consider the benefits of tackling your holiday decor earlier on:

holiday decor design and installation

Crazy schedules during the holidays

We all know how hectic things can get during the holiday season. Take a load off and enjoy your loved ones knowing there's one less thing to do this Christmas season.

Kick off the holidays

What better way to launch the season off than with a bang!?

Enjoy your decorations longer

Time flies, especially in November and December. Who doesn't want more of that time to enjoy your holiday decorations before having to take them down?

Claim your spot in the schedule

Repeat customers begin scheduling their holiday decor installation in advance to reserve their spot during the busy months. Reserve your place!


Why Hire a Professional Christmas Decor Installer?

Christmas display installation Sit back and enjoy your own Winter Wonderland without any of the work or risk of installing it yourself. Hiring an expert holiday decorations designer and installer gets you the perfect Christmas display for your home or business, with many advantages.

GO BIG with your Christmas decorations

Get the latest technology and products for a truly unique and enchanting display.

No risk of injury

Avoid the climbing, inclement weather, or electrical work of installing your holiday lighting and decor.

One less thing to do

Free up precious holiday time with friends, family, and loved ones.

No need for storage

Not only do we provide, design, and install the best holiday decorations, we also take them down and store them for next year!


holiday decorations installer Valley Lighting Group is actively involved in philanthropic efforts in our local community and families in need, throughout each year. As a Christmas Decor franchise, we are also proud to take part in the Decorated Family Program and Patriotic Pines.


Ready to GO BIG this holiday season?

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