Inception Lighting Installation in Columbus

Valley Lighting Group is The Certified Inception Lighting Installers in Columbus Ohio. Year-round LED lighting on your house or commercial business is the modern intelligent solution to hanging Christmas Lights while empowering you to be decorative year-round.

Columbus Ohio Inception Lighting Installation

Got a promotion or special event? Program your lights to coincide with your announcement

The kids won the big game? use the app on your phone to fly the school colors.

Favorite football team playing this weekend? Use the app.

Show support for causes and awareness months

Easter decorations in blue and green

Halloween lights in orange and white

How Businesses Benefit From Inception Lighting

commercial outdoor lighting installation Humans are attracted to light. It has a profound effect on our psyche and allows us to see and feel safe. This permanent LED lighting installation blends in with your architecture during the day, and brings life into the night, outlining the top of your building and providing a warm, inviting ambiance to your commercial business, after the sun goes down.

Enjoy a full range of benefits from Permanent Inception lighting:
  • Attract new customers
  • Extend your business's life into the night
  • Eliminate high energy bills
  • Get rid of maintenance needs
  • Control or program your lighting and color, anytime, anywhere on your computer or mobile device
  • Enjoy added security by lit up spaces and the option to integrate your lighting with your security system and automation
  • 10-year warranty

The Perks of Residential Outdoor Lighting

residential architectural lighting Many homes in Columbus are enjoying this permanent outdoor lighting installation that blends right into their house's architecture. Create the perfect ambiance and be festive year-round!  


  • Improve night visibility around your home
  • Enhance security of your property
  • Further honor your family celebrations
  • Save on energy
  • Give your home that resort feel
  • Never hang holiday lights again!  


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