Commercial Outdoor Lighting Installation in Tempe, Arizona

Valley Lighting Group is Tempe, Arizona's premier company for Permanent Inception Lighting installation.

Year round LED lighting on your commercial business is the best solution to engage and attract customers, not only during the holidays as Christmas lights but during the entire year as well.

Outdoor Lighting Tempe Installers

Permanent Outdoor Lighting in Tempe, Arizona

Tempe Storefront Lighting Installation Our weatherproof, permanent outdoor Inception Lighting is less expensive and easier to install in comparison to traditional lighting systems. Virtually undetectable during the day, our permanent LED lighting accents your architecture at night while providing several benefits:  


  • Attract and entice customers with your welcoming, lit up storefront
  • Extend your business's life into the night with increased visibility and atmosphere
  • Eliminate recurring maintenance and high electricity bills
  • Communicate your brand and promotions

Your lighting system can be programmed and controlled anywhere, using your mobile device or computer

Got a special event or promotion? Set your lights to coincide with your advertisement or announcement!

Your local team won the big game? Use the app on your phone to fly the team's colors.

Program Christmas lights in red and green.

Take part in community events and causes such as Autism Awareness - blue, and Breast Cancer Awareness - Pink.

Inception Lighting, Security, & Automation

Tempe Residential Outdoor Lighting Our product can also be integrated into your home automation and security systems to be used to communicate the type of emergency to the police, fire and the surrounding public.

Outdoor Programmable Holiday Lights

Program 12 months of your lighting schedule or manually change the LED light's colors and lighting pattern from your computer or mobile device anywhere in the world!

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