Benefits of Inception Lighting by Valley Lighting Group

There’s never been such a fun and expressive way to increase the value of a property than with Inception Lighting by Valley Lighting Group. With this colorful and fully programmable outdoor lighting, simply set the color or pattern for any event or festivity from anywhere with your mobile device. Homeowners and business owners across the country are adding a touch of color to their property in a unique and engaging way.

Permanent Outdoor Lighting For Your Home

residential home inception lighting What colors will you be flying for the Super Bowl? With a touch of your mobile device, fly your team’s colors with vibrant LED lights that line the top of your home’s architecture. Celebrate year-round events, holidays, and birthdays with a splash of color. With this elegant highlight on your home, your guests will never have troubles finding your place ever again!

Inception Lighting’s weatherproof and durable design is made to withstand the elements. Blending in with your architecture this permanent LED light is virtually invisible by day and lights up your building top at night for a warm inviting glow.

Businesses Benefitting Big With Inception Lighting

commercial business inception lighting Downtown areas coast to coast are bringing new life to their districts by lighting up the tops of their buildings, creating an atmosphere of entertainment and fun. Businesses can coordinate with each other or individually for special events, grand openings, and local community happenings such as Second Saturdays or monthly events, creating the community atmosphere that signals, “Clearly, this is the place to be!” This also opens up new ways to get creative with communicating promotions and publicity, corresponding with an announcement on social media, commercials, radio, or other engaging marketing.

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